What is DeepChem?

The DeepChem project aims to create high quality, open source tools for drug discovery, materials science, quantum chemistry, and biology.

About Us

DeepChem projects are managed by a group of open source contributors. Anyone is free to join and contribute!

Licensing and Commercial Uses

DeepChem is licensed under the MIT License. We actively support commercial users. Note that any novel discoveries made through DeepChem belong entirely to the user and not to DeepChem developers.

Getting Started With DeepChem

New users should head over to the Tutorials. Tutorials can be run on Google colab and are organized in a sequence that teach you how to use DeepChem to do novel scientific work.

Afterwards you can go through our examples. To apply DeepChem to a new problem, try starting from one of the existing examples or tutorials and modifying it step by step to work with your new use-case. If you have questions or comments you can raise them on our gitter.